Paper-Wood CLOCK

paper-woodを主材としてデザインした壁掛け時計。 なるべくデザインを感じさせず、直感的に時間を読み取れる視認性を 最小限の彫り込みと針の造形によって表現した。素材の特徴をさりげなく感じさせる時計を目指している。

This wall clock features paper-wood, which was developed by the Plywood Research Laboratory in collaboration between DRILL DESIGN, FULLSWING and TAKIZAWA VENEER in 2009. In order to naturally bring out intrinsic charm of paper-wood and for intuitive visibility, the design has been created with minimal CNC-engraving and simple clock hands.


Photo:Ryoukan Abe



2008- Takizawa Veneer

Paper-Wood HORSE

2011 Prototype

Paper-Wood BENCH

2011 Prototype

Paper-Wood STOOL

2009 PLYWOOD laboratory

PLYWOOD laboratory

2016- Takizawa Veneer