BYPASS / Tokyo

企業とデザイナーが組み、素材の可能性を引き出す企画展「MATERIAL DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017」の展覧会ディレクション。素材を新たな用途に「つなぐ」ことを目的とし、[BYPASS]をテーマにプロセスを中心に展示した。メインビジュアル、リーフレット、会場デザインのほか、参加デザイナーとしてもプロダクトを提案。

This is an organizing project for “MATERIAL DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017”. Companies and designers challenged to bring out material possibilities. The exhibition theme was “BYPASS” in order to connect materials to new way of use and exhibited process from materials to outcomes. DRILL DESIGN was in charge of main exhibition image, leaflet and exhibition design as well as suggest new way of material use.

[Art Direction / Graphic Design / Space Design / Product Design ]
Client:Material ConneXion Tokyo
Design Period:2017



BYPASS / Milan

2018 Material ConneXion Tokyo