Three Pointed Chair / Stool

側面の意匠が特徴的なこの椅子は、メルセデスベンツのショールーム(Mercedes Benz Connection)にあるレストランためにデザインされた。大通りに面した2階の窓際に並べられたこの椅子は、ブランドのアイコンとなるようMercedesのロゴマークを構造の要素として取り込んでいる。

This chair is designed for a showroom and restaurant for Mercedes Benz Connection, located in Roppongi, Tokyo. These dining chairs are set up along a large window on the second floor, facing the busy main streets. To create a chair with a strong identity embodying the brands identity of Mercedes Benz, the brand logo was embedded into the construction and is slightly visible from the side.

Direction: Kubota Architects & Associates

Design Period:2011
Photo:Takumi Ota / TIME&STYLE