Maki はイタリアの家具メーカーCrassevigのためにデザインしたベンチのシリーズ。3つのタイプ(120cm, 180cm, 45°)をつなげることで、小さな待合室から大きなホールまで、あらゆるシーンに対応した構成をつくることができる。ベンチの特徴でもある穴は、座面の軽量化とともに、クッションパネルやテーブルの接続部としての用途も持つ。

Born from the meeting between the Italian company Crassevig and the Japanese studio Drill Design, Maki is a system of benches characterized by decor inspired by round holes, arranged in regular rows, which make them light and dynamic. Three simple elements (120cm, 180cm, and 45°) allow you to create endless configurations, in different environments: from a small waiting room to a large hall, indoor or outdoor: The seat is available in oak plywood, natural, red or black, or black HPL, also suitable for outdoor use. An upholstered panel is available. The structure, made of tubular metal, is proposed in white, red, black lacquer or chromed.

Design Period:2016, 2017
Award : Wallpaper* Design Award 2017
Photo : Crassevig